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Decision in Principle

Each Decision in Principle is subject to a satisfactory credit and affordability assessment. Credit Checks and affordability assessments are not conducted until a full mortgage application is submitted. It is recommended that you carry out an affordability assessment, for all residential and family regulated BTL applications, ahead of submitting an application by visiting the affordability assessment here. DIP is valid for 28 days from the date of issuance.

1Intermediary Details

2Loan Requirements and Property Details


If the mortgage term takes any applicant over the age of 67 please confirm what arrangements are in place to ensure that the mortgage is affordable upon both retirement and death of either party during the term of the mortgage e.g life assurance, pension entitlements, investments or savings.


Repayment method

If your repayment method is part & part, please confirm the split

* The society does not offer mortgages on freehold flats