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Our Purpose and Values



Our Society is here to provide high quality, competitive mortgage and savings products, outstanding customer service and fair outcomes. In doing so, we will have an unflinching focus on being socially responsible and on making a positive difference to the lives of members, employees and the local community.

Our Values

The Society believes that a clear and succinct statement of beliefs and values is a vital part of defining the corporate culture of our organisation. This cultural message is seen as the foundation upon which policy, staff attitude, management approach and most importantly good customer outcomes rest.


Our values define the way in which we behave, both as an organisation and individually, as well as defining the experience of anyone who comes into contact with Leek Building Society.


We ensure our members are our key focus. We always strive to exceed their expectations. We ensure fair customer outcomes.

We understand our role within the organisation and we take individual responsibility not only for meeting our performance objectives but also for continuously improving our business. In terms of Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities, we play our individual part in supporting the Society to achieve its goals.


We collaborate with our colleagues and external partners to deliver our purpose and to ensure we operate to the highest possible standards.

We adhere strictly to the highest standards of conduct, risk management, ethics and honesty in all that we do.​