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Making a claim through RSA

RSA's claims lines are available 24 hours a day and every day of the year. Their highly trained Claims Specialists assist you from start to finish, providing you with clear communication and reassurance, as well as practical help when disaster strikes. Most importantly, they can tell you about every step of the process: what's going to happen next, how long it is likely to take and where to get additional help and support.

Here are the telephone numbers to call when making a claim or to contact RSA about an existing claim:

  • 0345 941 4243 - If your premiums are paid directly to RSA.

  • 0345 070 0450 - If you have either a Building Protection Plan, House & Home Protection Plan or Homesecure policy, that is paid via Leek Building Society.

If you're unsure whether your premiums are paid to RSA or Leek Building Society, you can check your bank statements for confirmation.


Useful information

For RSA to help you quickly and efficiently, it may be handy to have the following information ready when making your call: 

  • Your name, address, home and mobile telephone numbers.

  • Personal details necessary to confirm your identity.

  • Policy number.

  • The date of the incident.

  • The cause of the loss or damage.

  • Details of the loss or damage together with claim value if known.

  • Police details where applicable.

  • Names and addresses of any other parties involved or responsible for the incident (including details of injuries) and addresses of any witnesses.

This information will enable RSA to make an initial evaluation on policy cover and claim value. They may however, request additional information depending upon circumstances and value which may include the following:

  • Original purchase receipts, invoices, instruction booklets or photographs, bank or credit card statements, utility bills, pre-purchase surveys, or plans or deeds of your property.

  • Purchase dates and location of lost or damaged property.

  • For damaged property, confirmation from a suitably qualified expert that the item you are claiming for is beyond repair.

Sometimes RSA may wish to meet with you to discuss the circumstances of the claim, to inspect the damage, or to undertake further investigations.

Unsure about anything? Just complete your details or call 0800 093 0004