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Improving financial education through our first Young Enterprise workshop

26th April 2024
Young Enterprise workshop

As part of our partnership with Young Enterprise, some of our staff volunteered at the first in a series of financial education workshops, held at Ercall Wood Academy, not far from our branch in Oakengates.

Understanding the value of money, learning how to earn, save, and manage finances are essential skills for navigating life's complexities. Recognising this necessity, our partnership with Young Enterprise, which was announced in September 2023, will help to facilitate financial workshops at local secondary schools across our Heartlands.

The first workshop took place at Ercall Wood Academy on 16 April, marking a milestone in the journey towards equipping local young minds with the tools and mindset necessary to effectively manage their money. Three members of our Society volunteered to support the day's activities, bringing their expertise and passion for financial education to the forefront.

Our Head of Branch Network and Customer Support, Ian Blurton, was delighted to be in attendance volunteering, and said:

“Our first-hand experience demonstrated the knowledge gap that this programme is aiming to address. The penny was definitely dropping for many of the students. All three of us that volunteered to support the day took a lot out of it, and now that we've delivered our first workshop, we're keen to progress with the remaining 35 over the next two and a half years.”

Through interactive sessions, engaging discussions, and hands-on activities, the pupils explored themes such as financial planning, tax, the cost of living and budgeting.

One pupil attending the workshop, said, “It’s made me think about the financial decisions that need to be made by adults.” While another added, “It’s helped me to think about my career choices.”

The pupils participated in active learning, from brainstorming career choices to navigating real-life financial scenarios, and the collaborative environment facilitated meaningful exchanges between the pupils and our staff volunteers.

A teacher from Ercall Wood Academy, said:

“It really opened the pupils’ eyes and got them asking really good questions about how they will need to manage their finances.”

As a Society deeply rooted in our community, we recognise the significance of investing in the next generation. Through these financial workshops, we're reaffirming our commitment to nurturing talent and empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals.

The workshop at Ercall Wood Academy is the first in a series of financial education sessions to be hosted across our four counties, which will continue to drive positive change for generations to come.