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Empowering our future leaders through our bespoke internal development programme

28th February 2024
Aspiring Leaders

Last week, six emerging leaders completed the in-depth 11-month development course, honing their leadership and communication skills to excel in their respective roles. 

Our internal development programme, ‘Aspiring Leaders’, was designed to develop and empower our next generation of leaders within the Society, and was first launched in March 2023 to a cohort of aspiring colleagues.  

Throughout the programme, participants engaged in comprehensive training sessions, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on projects aimed at enhancing their leadership capabilities. Under the guidance of experienced mentors and industry experts, the participants navigated various challenges, gained invaluable insights, and developed strategies to drive their future success. 

Our HR Business Partner, Marc Stubbs, said: 

“Last week we celebrated the completion of the Aspiring Leaders Programme, in which our successful group took the ‘next step’ in their career by presenting on their process improvement projects. Their projects demonstrated what they’ve worked on for the past year, combining the skills they’d learned over the course, as well as the dedication and commitment to managing a process improvement.  

Our programme was recognised by the Chartered Management Institute, signifying that our Aspiring Leaders received high-quality learning with external recognition. The programme was extremely successful, boasting fantastic engagement and mentoring from senior leaders throughout the programme to accelerate the development of our aspiring leaders.” 

To mark the culmination of the programme, the aspiring leaders presented an innovative process improvement that they’d been leading to members of the Society’s executive team, demonstrating their newfound skills and expertise. 

Talking about their experience as an aspiring leader, Chloe Brookes said: 

“The Aspiring Leaders Programme has really opened my eyes to the knowledge and skills that are required to be a manager and has helped me to understand the dynamics of a team and its members. This will help me now within my role and I hope to continue developing the knowledge for my future career progression.” 

The successful conclusion of the Aspiring Leaders Programme evidences our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and building a strong foundation for future success.  

For more information about development initiatives, and career opportunities, please visit our careers page here.